About MootiroMaps

Understand a territory by its map

MootiroMaps helps to make an online map of your community that shows where resources, demands and organizations are located.

Beautiful and informative maps

Colours and icons make your map easy to understand and navigate

Instant information

Passing your mouse over the mapped objects you might access brief information about each content

Search the map

You can define a radius and search for all the objects contained in this area

Rich information about each object on the map

Each object on the map has its own page with contact information, detailed description, tags and a lot more.

Tell a story

Add photos, logos and link to other content on the map

Help others to find your data

Define tags for your data and make it easy for others to search your content

Show relations

Relate contents to each other and promote transparency! Show, for instance, that a foundation is working in more than one community or which organizations received resources from the same donor.

MootiroMaps supports your mapping projects - you might reuse data mapped by other users, import data from spreadsheets and engage others to map collaboratively.

Your space on MootiroMaps

Your mapping project has its own page on MootiroMaps. You might present your initiative, explain workflow and planned actions and show how other users can collaborate.

Add collaborators

Add users to you project map that can edit your map and add new content.

Get to know similar maps

Based on the tags related contents will be shown on the page of your mapping project.

Give visibility to your partners

Upload logos of the partners of your project

Reuse data from the map

Add contents that have been created by other users to your mapping project

Import data to your map

Integration with Google Spreadsheets and Google Fusion Table allows you to import data into your project. You can clean data that you scraped from the internet or received through freedom of information requests, simulate the import and finally upload to your project.

By analyzing the territory and location of services you will get import insights for community planning and and better understand priorities and demands for local development.

Map local needs and discuss with the community

With MootiroMaps you can map the demands of a community and invite its residents and local organizations to discuss and find solutions.

Monitor progress of community projects

Document ongoing projects uploading reports and photos

Analyze the mapped data

By mapping public services and local organizations you will easily understand which parts of the community are well served and where new social services should be created.

Everyone can participate and edit MootiroMaps - adding and correcting information and putting new objects on the map. This way, the map becomes more complete and informative for all.

Edit map

You may insert new content to the map, for instance points, lines or areas.

Receive information about editions by other users

In the list of last updates you can see which contents have been recently created or edited.

Receive notifications

You can subscribe to contents on MootiroMaps. When someone edits the object you receive updates by email.

Spread on social networks

Make use of social networks to give visibility to the demands of the community and invite other to collaborate with your mapping project.

Share your experiences with other users and take part in our workshops.

Mailing list

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Facebook group

Join the Facebook group to receive and share news about issues such as mapping, open data and collaborative technologies.

It is free

MootiroMaps has been developed by IT3S with support of the C&A Institute. It is free to use. Simply create your account.

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